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kiev 88 system for sale $700.00

This is a russian camera medium format camera. It uses 120 film and makes negatives that are 2.25 x 2.25 (6x6 standard medium format frame size).


When dealing with these types of cameras there is allways a bit of learning to be done to get to know the personality of it. I have been using this camera for more than two years and know all the little quirks of this camera. I will explain all the little things one needs to know about this paticular camera in order to get great consistent consistant images. I can show enlargements with negatives made from this camera so you can get an idea of what is capable of. I am selling because I want to save up and purchace a mamiya 7. This would be a great camera for someone just getting into medium format or a student.

Let me know if you are interested. Camera is located in Berkeley CA | jason | 510.548.4475 |